Running a household is a full-time job. It really is, and it sucks that so many of us try to juggle parenting, working, caring for our families, caring for ourselves, and then caring for our homes.  It’s too much! But we all do it. So how can we make it easier?

I recently made the decision to trade in full-time employment for part-time employment. And that means that I am home a lot more, which has actually been so helpful as I am a mother to a feisty toddler and an adorable infant. But, it has also been hard; like really, really hard. Can we get a shout out for SAHMs (and SAHDs) who don’t lose their minds? I commend you—you all are gold.

Anyway, these past few weeks, I have been looking around at the way I run my home my home is running me…and I keep thinking, I need to take charge! But how? Then BOOM! It hits me.

What would happen if I ran my home like one runs a business?

What would happen, indeed. Being a homemaker is just not natural for me, but managing a business is. So, let’s marry the two together, just for fun!

Follow my blog find out what does happen as I document my journey into the home business world; applying my professional organizational skills to changing the way my household is run.

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  1. Wow Gretchen!…I have read your blogs and am impressed!….I forwarded them to my granddaughter and my niece who are working mom’s.

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