Last week, we discovered that in order to see the results we want in our homes, we need to clearly communicate our expectations.

This week, let’s look at business operations, in the general sense.

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My husband and I were super excited to implement our roles and responsibilities last week, but realized that we both were falling short of doing so. This is because we were too overwhelmed with our very messy house. It was like our home (business) was still in the set-up stage, not in the running smoothly stage, and because of that, we felt no motivation to take on our roles and responsibilities as assigned.

That’s when I realized that we needed to start with a presentable home (store front), and then maintain.

So, on Friday, I cleaned the entire house—I shoved papers in drawers, piles in closets, and toys in baskets—my goal was to clear all of the spaces to create the illusion of a clean home. I did this with the inspiration that successful businesses do this all the time. I bet you are thinking: what the heck does she mean?

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Let’s imagine you are walking into your favorite brick and mortar shop. You watch your feet as you step over the threshold so you don’t trip. You breathe in the familiar and nurturing smell of the place, and after a moment of contentment, you take a look around. Your eyes fall upon the newest merchandise brought into the store, and because this is your favorite shop, your subconscious already has a sense of where everything is. Your body already knows what to expect and you feel immediately relaxed at this expectation of completeness, readiness, and freshness. You grab a new item, check out, and are on your way.

Here’s what you didn’t notice: the store owner arriving to the shop early to set up the new merchandise, which involves taking inventory, categorizing, pricing, ensuring everything has been logged into the system correctly. You probably didn’t notice that the store owner has a huge storage space behind the shop that is piled sky high with boxes. And at the register, there are disorganized papers and receipts hiding in the drawers in order to keep the counter clean.

Basically, to every store front, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

That said, it’s time to allow yourself to have a nice store front (home) with a lot going on behind the scenes too. But, how to we do that? How do we give you a nice store front?

We follow the idea of the store owner—having it look nice on the outside, with some chaos on the inside. Take the clutter that your brain just can’t compute at this time, the clutter that is stopping you from moving forward, and shove it in a drawer; stick those piles of crap to sort in your closet; hide it all away.

Now, some of you may read this and think that my solution is superficial, but hear me out.

Sometimes, we need to keep the store (home) looking professional (picked up) before we can tackle the numerous piles and projects that we have going on internally. We need to feel that our space is nice in order to commit to keeping our space nice.

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So, now that you have assigned your house roles, take a day this weekend to blast your favorite music, and get your entire house “in order” so that it feels nice. We will get to the stuff hidden away in those drawers and closets soon enough, just like a business will always sort out all the papers and receipts before tax time. It is just hard to do it all at once, so let’s not put that pressure on ourselves.

Until next time, my peaceful mama!  

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