Let’s take a break.

We have established roles and responsibilities, we have cleared the clutter (but have not necessarily dealt with the clutter), and we have approached room organization with awareness. We have done a heck of a lot! Let’s use this week to practice implementation.

In the meantime, I’d like to welcome you to my blog series called, Will it Make My Life Easier? In this series, I will try out the ideas, concepts, and products that were created in hopes of making one’s life easier.

If you are a woman, more specifically a mother, and you are on Facebook or Instagram—you have likely seen an ad for a monthly clothing and styling subscription service. Did you consider it and catch yourself thinking; will it actually make my life easier? I did…and that one thought inspired this series.

I signed up for Stitch Fix, Daily Look, and Nadine West.

Drooling over this awesome packaging and product experience!

Instead of breaking it down by service provider, I am going to break it down by what emotion came out when I finally pulled the trigger and signed up: excitement. I was not prepared for how excited I felt. The action of subscribing to Stitch Fix, Daily Look, and Nadine West. triggered the notion that I do deserve nice things.

Now, I don’t want you to think I am Cinderella over here, because my husband is an amazing help and I definitely treat myself when the occasion calls; but, being a mother of both an infant and a toddler makes shopping for myself really hard.

If I do it, I have to do it on my time, or the time a mother has away from her children, where she is expected to accomplish all of the housework, run all the errands, and literally do all the things. (Being vague on purpose, because my time is unique to each Mama, but we all know what it is). Anyway, using my time for shopping just isn’t fun or relaxing, so I have neglected my wardrobe.

There were 8 items in this box. I loved the boyfriend jeans! I liked several of the looks, but again, my wallet would not budge; not even for looking super cute.

Back to the excitement: I was a giddy school girl. I did all my laundry, carefully put all my clothes away, and readied my space for my new arrivals. The mystery and the waiting were half the fun! Both added to the buildup, granting permission for me to continue doing nice things for myself as I waited for my clothes to arrive.

Now, here comes reality: when my clothes finally arrived, I experienced a new kind of emotion…😲…sticker shock! I don’t know what your clothing spending budget is, but mine is certainly not $50+ per item. I should have done my research before signing up, because I had excitedly hoped that selecting the “cheaper the better” option would result in my self-defined reasonably priced items, but it did not.

There were 5 pieces in the box. I really liked the purse and blue pencil skirt, but couldn’t justify spending that much at this point in my life.

So, I did some googling, because I know I am not the only one. And I found Nadine West: a subscription clothing service where all the items are between $10-$30. Now we’re talking! I actually bought an item from this shipment because it made me feel special AND the price was within my budget.

Jackpot! I wasn’t in love with the styles given. The leggings and dress were definitely not me, but I bought the floral shirt. It was less than $30 and the cost of shipping was applied to the price. Every time I wear it, I feel special. I hope to get items more tailored to my taste as I work with my stylist.

Did this service make my life easier? Right now, I am going to say it is a hesitant yes.

Returning all the clothing items within the allotted window of time was a bit of a pain, but comes with the territory of online shopping. Being disappointed by the item cost, and having that disappointment deflate my initial excitement is arguably a negative.

But! This whole process led me to Nadine West—a clothing subscription service I plan to stay subscribed to long term, because it will allow me to update my wardrobe without spending my precious time (or money) to do so. My next shipment arrives very soon, and I am finding that giddy excitement starting to creep back into my daily actions.

Which clothing subscription service have you tried? Was it right for you? Comment below, I want to know. Whichever one, I say it’s worth it if it brings you some level of peace. ☮️


  1. I love this post! While I am not a mother, I do live in a resort-like area where my shopping options are either boutiques for tourists where prices are sky-high, OR Kmart… I prefer neither! I have always been hesitant to try a subscription based clothing service because the prices I’ve heard of (like from Stitch Fix) are FAR more than I would be willing to pay. It’s great to know of the Nadine West company! I hadn’t previously heard of it. The price point sounds so much more reasonable, and that floral top looks GREAT on you! Thanks for doing the research for your subscribers! 🙂

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